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Our Mission:

Within the last 20 years this emerging industry has begun to meet the needs of today. When someone passes or has a major dramatic accident, the only people left to take care of the clean up are friends and/or family. What we endeavor to accomplish is the relief of this burden upon people or businesses while providing proper and professional clean up. We strive to set the standard for Trauma cleaning.

Phase One is located in the Midwest and services Rockford, Chicago, Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

Did you know?

  • Blood borne Pathogens are blood, all bodily fluids, and fecal matter.
  • All of these pathogens can be life threatening if not handled properly.
  • You can be at risk of being infected by the Hepatitis B virus (HBV), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), E coli, TB, and other diseases.
  • If a contaminated scene is NOT properly cleaned up by a professional company, there is still a risk of blood borne pathogens being present after the public has tried to clean it up themselves.

OSHA’s Federal Regulation 29CFR1910.1030 states that no employer can expose an employee to cleaning blood without first providing:

  1. Blood borne pathogen training
  2. A written exposure control plan
  3. Personal protective equipment
  4. The opportunity to receive the Hepatitis B vaccine, exposure evaluation and follow up
  5. A method to remove and properly store and dispose of the bio-hazardous waste

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